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Russian Pointe, Inc. provides dancers with the finest pointe shoes on the market today. Crafted in Moscow in the grand tradition of pointe shoemaking. Russian Pointe shoes are offered only through Authorized Retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada, to help ensure the safety and optimal performance that personal fittings provide.

Russian Pointe, Inc. was founded by Aleksandra Efimova in 1998 in Ann Arbor, MI. While a full-time student of International Business Studies, Ms. Efimova wrote a business plan for her degree program and addressing the import of dance shoes and apparel from Russia to the United States. As she completed her college studies, she implemented that plan, combining her passions for the arts and business. Russian Pointe quickly grew from a small distribution to the dance schools in the Ann Arbor area, to a prestigious brand available in hundreds of fine dancewear stores across The United States and Canada.

In March 2005, the company was moved to Chicago to gain greater access to national trade, expand warehouse facilities and improve delivery through Chicago's central U.S. location.

Check out: http://youtu.be/QtbdxXPzd9g

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Russian Pointe Woven Elastic 1 Yard Russian Pointe Woven Elastic 1 Yard

Style: RPTEI

Our Price: $1.99
Russian Pointe Ribbon Russian Pointe Ribbon

Style: RPTR

Our Price: $4.99
Russian Pointe Toe Spacers Russian Pointe Toe Spacers

Russian Pointe Toe Spacers - Narrow Large

In beautiful RP Purple, narrow toe spacers fit between any toes to alleviate pressure, friction and irritation. Using spacers can reduce the likelihood of bunions, joint pain, blisters, corns or nails that cut into adjacent toes. When problems already exist, spacers can help relieve pain and speed healing. RP Toe Spacers fit comfortably inside your dance shoes, and they can also be worn with street shoes to keep toes aligned and cushioned. RP Toe Spacers are crafted in washable, reusable silicone gel, sold as a pair and available in three sizes.

Note: Like any toe padding, if spacers will be worn inside pointe shoes they must be used during the fitting, to assure a perfect fit in the box.

  • 1 Pair
  • RP Purple
  • Silicone gel
  • Narrow Large Size is the standard size

Our Price: $6.00
Russian Pointe Fleece Booties Russian Pointe Fleece Booties

Style: RPFB

Our Price: $20.00
Russian Pointe Tote Bag Russian Pointe Tote Bag

Style: RPTB

Our Price: $39.00
Russian Pointe 1.5" Kitri Character Shoes Russian Pointe 1.5" Kitri Character Shoes

Style: RPKCS

Our Price: $42.00
Russian Pointe Quilted Booties Russian Pointe Quilted Booties

Style: RPQB

Our Price: $45.00
Russian Pointe Bolt of Woven Elastic Russian Pointe Bolt of Woven Elastic

Style: RPTEB

Our Price: $48.99
Russian Pointe Duffle Bag Russian Pointe Duffle Bag


Our Price: $49.00
Russian Pointe Origami Bag Russian Pointe Origami Bag

Style: RPOB

Our Price: $52.00